Legends and Legacies

Legends and Legacies

Subtitle : Anchorage 1910 - 1935, Remebering Our Buried Past
Author : Thelma Bagoy
ISBN No. : 9781888125917


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Book : Legends and Legacies

ISBN Number : 9781888125917
Book Name : Legends and Legacies (Anchorage 1910 - 1935, Remebering Our Buried Past)
Book Pages : 414
Book Size : 8 X 10
Book Weight : 1.23

To know the facts about who lived in early Anchorage: when, what they did, where they came from, what happened to them, and who their children are. John Bagoy provides the answers. It’s right here in Legends and Legacies, Anchorage, 1910-1935.

Author : Thelma Bagoy

John P. Bagoy was born in Anchorage in 1922, just one year after his pioneer parents and family moved to Anchorage from Iditarod and Flat, where they had lived since 1910. He was educated in Anchorage schools and finished his schooling, after service in the South Pacific and Philippines in WWII, at the University of Oregon on the GI Bill. He was engaged in the electrical business for twenty-five years and retired in 1978. Since retirement he has been an active volunteer for the Catholic Archdiocese and spent fourteen years on the restoration of the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery. As a board member of the Cook Inlet Historical Society, he conceived the idea and completed the development of the Pioneer Family Exhibit, which hangs in the Museum. In 1994 he was awarded the Bob Hartig Gold Pan Award by the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce for Distinguished Individual Community Service. He is presently engaged in completing the cemetery restoration by raising funds for the purchase and installation of some three thousand grave markers to be placed on the unmarked graves. On the day of the summer solstice he conducts an annual tour of the cemetery, relating the histories of many early Anchorage pioneers.

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