Locked Up Abroad

Locked Up Abroad

Subtitle : An Alaskan's True Story of Adventure, Incarceration, and Escape.
Author : David Kunkel
ISBN No. : 9781594333569


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Book : Locked Up Abroad

ISBN Number : 9781594333569
Book Name : Locked Up Abroad (An Alaskan's True Story of Adventure, Incarceration, and Escape.)
Book Pages : 144
Book Size : 5 X 8.5
Book Weight : 0.52

Locked Up Abroad is a personal descent into a smugglers hell of beatings and starvation. The new kid in the devil’s den, is thousands of miles from home and locked away in a two hundred year old prison fortress, with only two ways out–death and escape. Plans are forged for escape, ignoring the bullet percentage, only to encounter a personal loss that nearly seals his fate forever. Locked Up Abroad is a true story of a young drug dealer and his friend turned smugglers. His shoe-string caper covered 6,000 miles from Europe to Afghanistan to Greece. The high of quick money morphed into capture. A Corrupt judicial system introduced them to a hellish 200-year-old island prison fortress. The only way out of the this devil’s den was escape. Locked Up Abroad is a convincing statement of the perils of illegal drugs and unlawful activity. Only the author escaped. His companions either died in prison or are still doing time.

Author : David Kunkel

David Kunkel, a transplanted Californian, moved to Alaska at the turn of this century. He came North to reunite with his brother who passed away soon after their reunion. David, the youngest of four brothers, is an avid traveler. Traveling for David is almost an illness. He has visited 36 countries and circled the globe twice. Before his retirement he worked as an electrical design drafter. A widower since 1987, David claims that living in Alaska gave him the needed push to write his Locked Up Abroad story.

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