MaMa, Why Am I A Worm

MaMa, Why Am I A Worm

Subtitle : Sandy the Caterpillar's Mother is a Butterfly; Why?
Author : Kathy Hughes
ISBN No. : 9781594335075


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Book : MaMa, Why Am I A Worm

ISBN Number : 9781594335075
Book Name : MaMa, Why Am I A Worm (Sandy the Caterpillar's Mother is a Butterfly; Why?)
Book Pages : 16
Book Size : 10X7
Book Weight : 0.115

Sandy knows what she looks like: a worm with short fuzzy hair that sticks out in all directions, tiny eyes, stubby antennas, and way down at the end of her sixteen legs–a caboose. How could she look so different from her mother? MaMa has beautiful wings that flash orange and velvet black. Each has tiny white polka dots. She is a beautiful butterfly. Sandy grows even more confused when MaMa tells her about upcoming changes. With growing concern Sandy waddles off to think and do what she does best–eat. As she nibbles on a milkweed leaf she thinks about MaMa’s words.

Sandy gets dizzy with all the thinking. Are these changes what MaMa went through? Is that why MaMa knows the answers to Sandy’s questions? MaMa, Why am I a Worm?” helps Sandy understand that life is about changing, growing, and becoming the best you can be. “

Author : Kathy Hughes

Jennifer's mother, author, singer, and actress, lives in Anchorage, Alaska. She was born in the Territory of Alaska, experienced Statehood, and the Great Alaska Earthquake. Her husband, Jim's, military career led them to all four corners of the United States and overseas to Germany. After retirement they found their way back home to Alaska. Kathy has a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. She sings and travels with Alaska Sound Celebration, an internationally award-winning barbershop chorus. She also enjoys blending harmonies within her barbershop quartet. When she's not busy writing or singing, she performs in Murder Mysteries with OutCast! Productions.

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