Memories by Mom #2

Memories by Mom #2

Subtitle : Tales of an Alaskan Bush Pilot and His Family
Author : Mary Halpin
ISBN No. : 9781888125719


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Book : Memories by Mom #2

ISBN Number : 9781888125719
Book Name : Memories by Mom #2 (Tales of an Alaskan Bush Pilot and His Family)
Book Pages : 76
Book Size : 5x8
Book Weight : 0.28

Memories by Mom – Tales of an Alaskan Bush Pilot and His Family is focused on Dan, husband and father, beings he is the basis of most of the stories. He has always kept their lives most interesting. To listen to him tell stories of what happened to him either flying in his plane, or on the job, makes one’s day. The stories are true, as they happened, and still humorous adventures of their lives in the early days of homesteading in Alaska.

Author : Mary Halpin

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