Mike In The Woods

Mike In The Woods

Subtitle : An amazing day-long Alaska wilderness adventure
Author : Warren Troy
ISBN No. : 9781594336263


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Book : Mike In The Woods

ISBN Number : 9781594336263
Book Name : Mike In The Woods (An amazing day-long Alaska wilderness adventure)
Book Pages : 32
Book Size : 7.5X10.333
Book Weight : 0.25

A nine-year-old boy living in Alaska loves nature, and decides, since his dad won’t take him for a walk in the forest next to their home, he’ll have to go on his own?that’s just what he does?forgetting he’s just a little boy, after all. After enjoying being in the wilds, he finds himself completely lost, until a very special bear comes and takes him for a remarkable tour of the forest. They meet different animals and the bear teaches Mike about life in the wilderness, until it is time for the bear to take Mike home?the tired boy getting a ride on the bear’s back. Sad to see the bear go, Mike hopes they will meet again, when he is older and wiser, and can explore the woods all he wants

Author : Warren Troy

Author Tag Line : Alaska Wilderness Adventure Author

Author, Warren Troy, could well have been Mike in this story. As a child on the Eastern Seaboard in the 1950s, he was always out exploring the world around him, going farther from home than he should have, getting sent to bed without supper more than once for his adventures. He has always had wanderlust in his heart, needing new environments, preferably in natural settings, to feel complete. Living in Alaska now, he is finally content, living in what, for him, is paradise. Fulfilling his natural desire to be out in the wilds, he, and his wife were full time homesteaders up past the head of Kachemak Bay, miles off the road system outside Homer, Alaska, until poor health made it impossible to continue. It is his experiences in the forests and on the tundras of Alaska, and his past times in other parts of the country that make it possible for him to write Mike in the Woods, to share his love of all things natural, and especially Alaska.

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