My Daily Vibes

My Daily Vibes

Subtitle : Meditation For Living Clean
Author : Joseph Robertson
ISBN No. : 9781594331381


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Book : My Daily Vibes

ISBN Number : 9781594331381
Book Name : My Daily Vibes (Meditation For Living Clean)
Book Pages : 384
Book Size : 4.5X7
Book Weight : 0.9

My Daily Vibe: Meditation For Living Clean is 366 rhymes and meditations for addicts who are in recovery from the disease of addiction. My Daily Vibe: Meditation For Living Clean is a daily meditation reading. It is meant to help you think and feel good about your recovery; to reach out and ask for help no matter what stage of recovery you’re in. I think you will find it inspiring and humorous–and serious. My Daily Vibe: Meditation For Living Clean is an emotion filled book. Enjoy it every day and live clean.

Author : Joseph Robertson

Joseph Robertson, aka: Joe de poet, was born in Anchorage, Alaska, adopted at age four, and raised in Fairbanks. He is a three-time felon and drug addict. Although this sounds bad, it gave him the ability to write My Daily Vibe: Meditation For Living Clean with the hope it touches you and leads you to your Higher Power. My Daily Vibe: Meditation For Living Clean was written while Joseph was incarcerated on his third felony. He is now clean and in recovery.

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