My Father?s Will

My Father?s Will

Subtitle : An heir must satisfy the terms of her earthly father's will without violating her Father in Heaven's will
Author : Magdel Roets
ISBN No. : 9781594336195


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Book : My Father?s Will

ISBN Number : 9781594336195
Book Name : My Father?s Will (An heir must satisfy the terms of her earthly father's will without violating her Father in Heaven's will)
Book Pages : 256
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.76

Stephan Howard Hammond knew he could count on his children to squander the fortune he would leave them in his will. His anguish over their future left him no choice but to find someone dependable to provide for them when the money ran out. This meant he had to reveal some deep hidden secrets, not knowing what the effect would be, unaware that Francine had already discovered part of the truth. Struggling through her own shock and disappointment she decided to keep quiet about what she had found until it was too late. With more secrets revealed, she must still go through with the plans her father’s will provided for her; throw their inheritance to the wind. And withstand their unsympathetic treatment of her.

How My Father’s Will Came About: Enjoying a slice of cheese cake and an espresso in a coffee shop one day, Magdel overheard two men behind her boasting about all the things they planned to do with the money they were about to inherit from their late father’s estate. One wanted a speedboat; the other wanted to get his private pilot’s license. Oh, how the girls would love them. Right at this point the idea for a story was born in her mind. She took out her notebook and started making notes to research boats and airplanes, and a number of other things, like private companies and estates. She decided there had to be five children to share an inheritance. Being some sort of artist herself, she chose the main character, Francine, to be an artist, but a much more professional one than Magdel. From there she worked out the plot and built the characters.

Author : Magdel Roets

Author Tag Line : Writer of Christian Fiction

Mandel Roets studied literature at the Rand Afrikaans University. She is the author of Areafees and a number of fiction and nonfiction books. She's been employed as an editor and proofreader. Mandel says, ?my paintings are not quite what the Louvre would accept, but it is a hobby that I love. I find that, creating art is therapeutic and spend most of my summer among the paint and brushes in a small studio where I make paintings of owners, mountains, seascapes, fruit and vegetables, but many paintings are based on some Biblical theme.? She has been known to create paintings and print them on her computer as bookmarks, which she gives away to waiters, librarians, gas station attendants and so on.

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