Northern Verses

Northern Verses

Subtitle : Poems of Alaska and the Yukon
Author : Dennis Lattery
ISBN No. : 9781594335242


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Book : Northern Verses

ISBN Number : 9781594335242
Book Name : Northern Verses (Poems of Alaska and the Yukon)
Book Pages : 96
Book Size : 5X7
Book Weight : 0.28

The idea for this book evolved out of what he saw as a need for a new Christmas poem for children. His poem was titled The Christmas Girl. Nothing of much significance in that genre has been produced since How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Efforts to sell the poems idea for a children’s book fell on deaf ears in the publishing world but other work gradually spun off its writing. He found he liked writing rhyming prose, especially in poems about the North country where he lives. So here is Northern Verses, including The Christmas Girl.

Author : Dennis Lattery

Dennis Lattery arrived as an eight year old, fresh off the boat, at Juneau, Alaska, in April of 1949. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, with the exception of two years United States military service in ?The Lower Forty-eight,? he has lived continuously in Alaska since that time. His writing career began in 1976 with an article published in Selected Alaska Hunting & Fishing Tales by Alaska Magazine. He has been published since then in a number of national sports magazines and has produced a book about growing up and living in the Forty-ninth State. Dennis and his wife, Sharon, live in Chugiak, Alaska. His daughter and son-in-law live in nearby Anchorage. He can be reached at

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