Over the Years

Over the Years

Subtitle : A Journey of Trust
Author : Elizabeth Whisenhant
ISBN No. : 9781637470251



Book : Over the Years

ISBN Number : 9781637470251
Book Name : Over the Years (A Journey of Trust)

“Close your eyes and open your mouth,” Jackie said as we were spending a hot summer afternoon lying on the grass on the house’s shady side watching the cloud formations in the sky and deciding what forms they represented. Knowing Jackie, and not trusting her intentions, I refused to comply immediately. She continued pestering me, and her persistence wore me down when she insisted that she was being honest and not playing any tricks, that I would undoubtedly love what she had to give me. I complied and was horrified to find a piece of (fortunately dry) chicken manure in my mouth. This was a sister nine years older who delighted in playing practical jokes and found her three younger siblings easy targets in this area. Chickens had free range on our farm and frequented the areas of farm buildings, especially around the house where they could scratch for worms, bugs, and other feed in the grass. They often left wet droppings behind.

Author : Elizabeth Whisenhant

Elizabeth Whisenhant continues to be active in family, church, and community affairs. She enjoys a good game of Forty-two (played with dominoes) with a group of friends that she hosted every New Year's Eve and other times until Covid—19 interfered with social gatherings. In winter she might be seen on cross-country skis on some trail, and in summer, she enjoys riding her E-bike through the neighborhood and surrounding roads and sometimes gets in some walking. Her family and her church continue to be sources of inspiration and the recipients of her time. She enjoys reading a good book, watching a movie, having a good conversation with someone over a cup of coffee, working puzzles, spending time in the kitchen preparing a meal, or staying \in touch\" with grandchildren, friends, or siblings with a phone call."

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