Psycho-Analysis: Khedlar’s Story the Beginning

Psycho-Analysis: Khedlar’s Story the Beginning

Author : Catherine Nuza
ISBN No. : 9781594337291


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Book : Psycho-Analysis: Khedlar’s Story the Beginning

ISBN Number : 9781594337291
Book Name : Psycho-Analysis: Khedlar’s Story the Beginning

How much truth can you handle and how far you would go to get it? Understanding the human condition can ignite horror and disbelief. The mind can be understood even when broken, it challenges who we really are. Psychopathic instincts drive Khedlar into his unpredicted hell and carnage he is driven to orchestrate. Through the looking glass of sanity and insanity, Khedlar battles with his mind and conscience in a world where madness is normality and fractured projections of the past are all he has left. How a psychopath is born and the need to survive combines in the ultimate psychological thriller of love, death and betrayal. How deep is the rabbit hole in the darkest corner of your mind? This is the beginning! Get ready for a chilling, accurate, fast-paced story unraveling one lie at a time. Not all that lies beneath the human psyche is beautiful.

Author : Catherine Nuza

Catherine Nuza portrays through her writing a personal perspective of life experience in caring for people suffering from mental illness. Being a writer all her life she tells the story from every angle including facts, experiences, imagination and work. Travelling from a young age she has sampled humanity from all walks of life and understands sociological and psychological traits of cultures and weaves these elements into her story. Caring for a wide age range, she has developed a humanistic lens garnered from hard work, the desire to help others and reveals her knowledge and experience. The story evolved rapidly into a full-blown novel with the notion to create and unveil the journey and making of a psychopath. Not enough is shared about the evolution of the human mind that creates these monsters. She writes with an educated eye that visually paints the picture of their world.

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