Raised by the Midnight Sun Book 2

Raised by the Midnight Sun Book 2

Subtitle : The journey of growing up Alaskan, one season at a time.
Author : Sparky Jones
ISBN No. : 9781594335143


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Book : Raised by the Midnight Sun Book 2

ISBN Number : 9781594335143
Book Name : Raised by the Midnight Sun Book 2 (The journey of growing up Alaskan, one season at a time.)
Book Pages : 254
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.76

The modern day little house on the prairie set in interior Alaska continues. Take a journey with Springflower Johnson and her big brother JJ as they are raised by the midnight sun. Melting snow brought uncertainty in book one that ended with pride in being a country girl. The Alaska summer ahead promises daylight that lasts all night, and endless adventures into the wild that surrounds them. Readers can travel Alaska, following the sun from the interior to the southeastern coast to fish Valdez. Hitch a ride through fireweed on the back of an ATV, or nestle in as they canoe down a half frozen river. Join an Alaskan family as they prepare for the long winter ahead, and endure the hard statistical truths living in Alaska can bring. Raised by the Midnight Sun guides you through the fall landscape on a moose hunt and freezes your fingertips dip netting. Take a hike through history, seeing life and death in their endless circle. Be there when Springflower enters adolescence with the approach of the afternoon moon and finds the importance of life as the seasons change in Alaska.

Author : Sparky Jones

Sparky Jones? love of writing and quest for adventure began when her mother decided to leave America?s east coast for a land flowing with milk and honey, Alaska, the last frontier. Traveling to and growing up in the isolation of the far north she had ample opportunity for writing and adventure. Yet opportunities to use her talents were few and far between. So she combined her love of children and passion to write. Instead of just sharing her stories, she uses her books as a way to introduce Fairbank?s youth to the world. Every book cover showcases aspiring Fairbanks models and the stories are illustrated by the sketches of young Fairbanks artists. Investing in the future of the community she calls home. Though her travels have taken her all over America, like her mother, Sparky Jones reached her last frontier. Raising her children under the midnight sun, and creating the stories she now shares.

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