Ramblings of Alaskan Bush Poet

Ramblings of Alaskan Bush Poet

Subtitle : A Common Man's Stories Through Rhyme
Author : Andy Anderson
ISBN No. : 9781594337253



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Book : Ramblings of Alaskan Bush Poet

ISBN Number : 9781594337253
Book Name : Ramblings of Alaskan Bush Poet (A Common Man's Stories Through Rhyme)

I’ve held a myriad of jobs in the more than 53 years I’ve made Alaska, the great Land, my home. Varieties of employment, along with my other life experiences, have given me an interesting and exciting existence. My experiences have been educational, some frightening, some life threatening, some humorous, some heartbreaking, but all played a part in preparing me for the writing of Ramblings of an Alaskan Bush Poet. I’m hopeful my backstories will put the reader in somewhat the same mind set, or emotion, I was experiencing at the time. When readers discuss my work I hope to be viewed as a common man who tells his stories through rhyme and, at the same time, someone who paints a vivid picture of what my limericks convey.

Author : Andy Anderson

A.W. “Andy” Anderson, born on a farm in Southern Illinois, the youngest of six boys, left home and traveled to Alaska at 16 years of age, and stayed, making Alaska his home. He's held many jobs, in the more than 53 years he's lived in Alaska, with each being interesting and educational. Andy's worked in fish processing plants and commercially fished for crab, salmon, and halibut; worked as a logger operating heavy equipment. He also ran tug boats and diving boats in the oil exploration industry. He's worked as a heavy equipment operator in the oil field on the North Slope of Alaska and for nearly 32 years, held the position as Chief of Police for the city of Seldovia, Alaska — the longest serving police chief for one city in Alaska's history.

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