Subtitle : An Arabian Horse Novel
Author : Nancy Perez and Victoria Hardesty
ISBN No. : 9781637470336



Book : Raven

ISBN Number : 9781637470336
Book Name : Raven (An Arabian Horse Novel)
Book Pages : 314

Raven, a beautiful, talented Arabian mare, lost her entire family under tragic circumstances. She found herself hundreds of miles from home and anything familiar. Beto, a 15-year-old boy, immigrated to a new country thousands of miles from everything he knew. Soon after arriving in America, he lost his parents. His grandparents took him in. Being equestrians, they bought him a horse to help him through his grief. Raven and Beto recognized similar feelings of loss in each other. They helped each other as they became a team doing something Beto always dreamed of doing and discovered Raven loved to do as well.

Author : Nancy Perez and Victoria Hardesty

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