Rods and Wings

Rods and Wings

Subtitle : A History of the Fishing Lodge Business in Bristol Bay, Alaska
Author : Bo Bennett
ISBN No. : 9781888125627


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Book : Rods and Wings

ISBN Number : 9781888125627
Book Name : Rods and Wings (A History of the Fishing Lodge Business in Bristol Bay, Alaska)
Book Pages : 384
Book Size : 8.5 11
Book Weight : 3.28

Rods and Wings, A History of the Fishing Lodge Business in Bristol Bay, Alaska, is a story filled with vision, humor, irony, tragedy, hardship, tremendous courage, and people. This story is especially about people, hardy pioneers who challenged Alaska through the air, on the lakes and rivers, and over the tundra. The first lodge developers came by plane; the materials they needed came later by barge, by air, and across the ice. Nothing was simple. Nothing came easily From General Omar Bradley, Dwight Eisenhower, and Adlai Stevensen in the early days to Jack Lemmon, John Elway, and General Norman Scwarzkopf in more recent times, the guests have been as fascinating as the lodge owners themselves. The history of the lodges is about much more than fishing. It is about challenging a formidable wilderness and opening new frontiers. This is an enthralling saga which will capture the attention of readers everywhere.

Author : Bo Bennett

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