Sunlight North

Sunlight North

Author : Clarence Crawford
ISBN No. : 9781594338885



Book : Sunlight North

ISBN Number : 9781594338885
Book Name : Sunlight North

In Sunlight North: The Wisdom of the Arctic Wilderness, Clarence A. Crawford writes about some of his experiences in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, recalling the many ways it has shaped his life during the past forty-five years. The bulk of these chapters narrate some aspect of travel in the Arctic. Several deal with contemporary attitudes that may adversely affect the Refuge and other wilderness areas. And several chapters deal with the mythical and philosophical underpinnings of why people quest, in the wilderness and elsewhere. Crawford is acutely aware that one section of the Refuge, the 1002 area of the Coastal Plain, has not received wilderness status and is continually under the threat of oil drilling. That protection, he fervently hopes, will be accomplished in his or his children’s lifetimes.

Author : Clarence Crawford

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