Sybil Norcroft Meets the Devil

Sybil Norcroft Meets the Devil

Author : Carl Douglass
ISBN No. : 9781594339387


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Book : Sybil Norcroft Meets the Devil

ISBN Number : 9781594339387
Book Name : Sybil Norcroft Meets the Devil

This is the seventh in the Sybil Norcroft series. The potential of high office is dangled by the president to the woman who has earned a BS degree in medical biology, an M.D. degree magna cum laude, is a FACS [Fellow of the American College of Surgeons] and a FAANS [Fellow of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons], and has earned a PhD in neurological studies. She has been a world-famous television medical consultant, a spy, and is now the DCIA [Director of the Central Intelligence Agency]. But, there is no time to rest on her laurels. She must meet and defeat the monster—the real devil—who would destroy polite civilization, and soon. But first she has to find him, her, or it. This is her greatest adventure yet and might well be her last one.

Author : Carl Douglass

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    This was an excellent read. Very thorough and well-researched.

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