Talkeetna Twines

Talkeetna Twines

Subtitle : Alaska Wilderness Survival, Mystery, and Romance
Author : Susan Bassett
ISBN No. : 9781888125276


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Book : Talkeetna Twines

ISBN Number : 9781888125276
Book Name : Talkeetna Twines (Alaska Wilderness Survival, Mystery, and Romance)
Book Pages : 260
Book Size : 6 x 9
Book Weight : 0.78

A normal Alaskan’s life … suddenly shattered by violence. Rebecca Milton’s reaction, to run as quickly and as far as she can, leads her deep into the subarctic mountains of Central Alaska. Now Rebecca must depend on her own survival skills as she faces the extremes of Mother Nature as well as the rocky road of emotional recovery. But she is not alone … Others have their own reasons for turning to the wilderness. Can any of them survive the tumult of violence? Tangled threads of life and death follows Rebecca’s desperate bid for freedom, for a new beginning, and for life high within Alaska’s wilderness.

Author : Susan Bassett

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