Tao of Modern Magic

Tao of Modern Magic

Subtitle : The war that kept magic and the people who practiced it safe.
Author : Daniel James
ISBN No. : 9781594337697



Book : Tao of Modern Magic

ISBN Number : 9781594337697
Book Name : Tao of Modern Magic (The war that kept magic and the people who practiced it safe.)

A war had broken out in America concerning the safety and the right to practice magic freely. Magical bloodlines and magical roots were guarded by families and practitioners with their lives.  Those guardians who kept  the secrets of sorcery and spells for generations were now called to defend the very elements and doctrine that made them who they were. A final quest and confrontation would be necessary to gain liberation once and for all for those who practiced magic. The fight for the School of Modern Magic, and the American soil that it was founded upon was now inevitable. Professor Apollo, Head Master of the School of Modern Magic, would build himself an army, recruiting the most powerful students of magic that the world had ever seen. They would be the army to defend the school and America itself from the forces of darkness who threatened it.

Author : Daniel James

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