The Alaskan Gingerbread
The Alaskan Gingerbread

The Alaskan Gingerbread

Subtitle : A Gingerbread's Journey: From Alaska Adventures to Accepting Love and Belonging
Author : Jeannie Gerhardt
ISBN No. : 9781637473863


Book : The Alaskan Gingerbread

ISBN Number : 9781637473863
Book Name : The Alaskan Gingerbread (A Gingerbread's Journey: From Alaska Adventures to Accepting Love and Belonging)
Book Pages : 32
Book Size : 8 X 8
Book Weight : 0.2

Curl up with a story captivating both the young and the young-at-heart. The Alaskan Gingerbread offers a narrative smart enough to engage adults and filled with the whimsy that enchants children. Each page brings a world alive with enchantment, laughter, and lessons of character, transporting readers into realms of the imagination. Drawing inspiration from her numerous journeys along the Alaska-Canada Highway, Jeannie Gerhardt weaves a fictional world anchored in the vivid realities and personal encounters of her family’s expeditions. Accompanied by richly crafted illustrations, readers will be charmed by a rebellious gingerbread character. His escapades and quips, complete with his cheeky little tunes, reflect our spirited natures. Watch as he tires from his relentless adventures, leading to an unexpected transformation. Through his journey, he discovers that warmth and affection are just a heartfelt embrace away.

Author : Jeannie Gerhardt

Jeannie Gerhardt, the creator of The Alaskan Gingerbread, is a homeschooling mother with a penchant for adventure. Her invention of the Alaskan Gingerbread was a creative strategy to entertain her children during extensive drives on the Alaska-Canada Highway. Raised amidst the wilds of rural Oregon, her childhood was filled with escapades alongside her siblings. Her teen years were shaped by the Canadian Prairies' expansiveness and the Rockies' majesty. As a Missouri Children's Ministries Institute graduate, she nurtured a large family of seven children in Alaska and Oregon. Her commitment to children's education extends beyond her family; she has volunteered for more than two decades with CEF© ministries in Oregon and Alaska. Balancing her time, she contributes as a Ministry Coordinator for CEF© of Oregon's Polk County Chapter and as an Administrative Assistant at Cross and Crown Counseling. Her passion for storytelling finds an outlet in writing for children's magazines and sharing tales with young audiences.


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