How McGee and Associates Prevented War in Ukraine by Russian Invasion

How McGee and Associates Prevented War in Ukraine by Russian Invasion

Subtitle : A Study in Plausible Alternatives, McGee's Last Case
Author : Douglass, Carl
ISBN No. : 9781637471265
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Book : How McGee and Associates Prevented War in Ukraine by Russian Invasion

ISBN Number : 9781637471265
Book Name : How McGee and Associates Prevented War in Ukraine by Russian Invasion (A Study in Plausible Alternatives, McGee's Last Case)
Book Pages : 200
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 0.32

How McGee and Associates Prevented War in Ukraine by Russian Invasion is a \“what if?\ What would the world be like if Ukraine and the United States stopped Russia in its tracks with courage and determination before the Great Bear decimated Ukraine? What if President Sybil Norcroft-Daniels had said \“No,\” and meant it? What if she got every asset of the US and 47 other nations, McGee and his partners, and the best of the best special ops and cyber warriors involved before day one? What if she determined to bring down the Russian dictator who still-in his atrophied heart—was a shrewd and soulless communist apparatchik? The author can imagine such an outcome in vivid and gripping realism.”

Author : Douglass, Carl

Author Tag Line : Neurosurgeon Turned Author Writes With Gripping Realism

Carl Douglass is a retired neurosurgeon who writes with gritty realism on various subjects and is not a shrinking violet regarding controversy. He was born and reared in a small mountain town and learned early to fight for his place. He had to work, so he had jobs as a service station attendant and amateur mechanic, a lumber mill hand, a lumberjack in the forest, a lifeguard, a lab rat, a slaughterhouse worker, a diener in a morgue, and finally, a surgeon. He was educated at Stanford, the Universities of Utah and Minnesota, in the US Navy during the recent unpleasantness in Viet Nam, in academia, and in the competitive world of private practice neurosurgery. He can lift a jack, lay a track, split a log, build a fence, dig a trench, dissect a cadaver, butcher a beef, hog, or a chicken, teach Jiu Jitsu, do a more than credible job in a wide range of surgery [he is not a limited specialist] give a cogent talk on political ideology, brain surgery, the avoidance of extensive back surgery, or military strategy. His Jack-of-all Trades experience provides life and color to his books. Carl has two goals in his authorship of books: inform, entertain, and improve his Serious Readers and to spin a good yarn about a piece of history that has been neglected and should not be.

1 review for How McGee and Associates Prevented War in Ukraine by Russian Invasion

  1. 2 out of 5


    What if….solves nothing.
    I smelled this coming in 2006 when in Kiev. America caused this war. We have for too long allowed criminals to rule us from within and without our Federal Government. Operation Paperclip imported at least 100,000 hardened Nazis that ran amook with the C.I.A. creating war after war for the profit of monopoly corporatism styled after those in Nazi Germany. Our classmates died facedown in mud for that cause. And we finally interfered in Ukraine, overthrowing a government and installing puppits that allowed the C.I.A. to build a network of illegal bio-weapon labs and other facilities that threatened Russia…

    My wife is Ukrainian and most of her family now is displaced. But in 2006, in Kiev, I smelled the situation and said to her, “I hope my country does not get yours into trouble.” And we did.

    The Russians are the WORST people to fight with. They are savage and partly uncivilized100 miles out from Moscow. They field armies of prison inmates who rape and torture women,children, infants and even men. HOW DARE WE CAUSE THEM A WAR WITH RUSSIA!

    When this war ends, we have politicians in this country who need to be tried and hung for treason over this matter.

    There are no “WHAT IF’s”. We are to blame for all of this war.

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