Salvation Collection

Salvation Collection

Subtitle : One Man's Journey from a Wretched Soul to the Gates of Heaven and Salvation
Author : Stokes, Bill
ISBN No. : 9781637470589


Book : Salvation Collection

ISBN Number : 9781637470589
Book Name : Salvation Collection (One Man's Journey from a Wretched Soul to the Gates of Heaven and Salvation)
Book Pages : 306
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 0.32

I am documenting my journey, an inspired poem at a time, from baby steps to a wonderous understanding of the precepts of my salvation. I truly pray that the poetry will guide your understanding of God’s grace and promise of eternal salvation. The miracle of knowing that this journey is with your family for all time brings joy beyond description. The poems are not scripture but a documentation of the truth surrounding my soul with grace and love. Using my poetry as a path by following my footsteps will help you to your salvation. My environmental work has spanned the globe and has saved and enhanced many thousands of lives, which uniquely prepared me to convey my journey in a way for you to understand and hopefully emulate.

Author : Stokes, Bill

Author Tag Line : Sage of the Age

For most of my life I have used poetry to document my life. Life is the ultimate roller coaster; you have little or no control over as to what gets thrown at you, but you have absolute control over how you respond.


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