The Heritage of Talkeetna

The Heritage of Talkeetna

Author : Roberta Sheldon
ISBN No. : 9781594339011



Book : The Heritage of Talkeetna

ISBN Number : 9781594339011
Book Name : The Heritage of Talkeetna

Heritage of Talkeetna focus is on the people. From its beginning, Talkeetna seems to have been a lure for people noted for their character, individualism, sense of independence, and humor. This pattern remains true today, and in a thoughtful sense might almost be identified as an ongoing legacy. Despite tough, often harsh lives certain people remained for many years, providing durable threads that strengthened and maintained the fabric of the village. These people, their perseverance, and the manner in which they conducted their lives, shaped the character of what has become Talkeetna’s special heritage. The reader will find that a substantial amount of activity in these pages occurs in the Yentna River and Cache Creek areas, which contributed no small amount to Talkeetna’s past. People that trapped, prospected and mined in those areas relied on Talkeetna as a supply and service point, but perhaps more importantly, Talkeetna relied on the trade these activities provided. It was a symbiotic relationship, inseparable from the story of Talkeetna.

Author : Roberta Sheldon

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