The Highest Seat Does Not Hold Two

The Highest Seat Does Not Hold Two

Subtitle : A Space War Story of the Future
Author : David Williams
ISBN No. : 9781594330841


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Book : The Highest Seat Does Not Hold Two

ISBN Number : 9781594330841
Book Name : The Highest Seat Does Not Hold Two (A Space War Story of the Future)
Book Pages : 256
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.9

After thousands of years of conflict, the human race had finally learned to live in harmony. Then aliens came. Though conquered by an intergalactic federation, in face of the adversity, the human race chose not to return to their prejudices; instead, they biased against nonhumans. Fate cast the ‘race far from their planet. Fortune, however, made the army of the federation so bureaucratic that it was compelled to document the location of Earth. But as luck would have it, the one person capable of finding the planet despises the rest of his kind for reasons no one knows. A marine sniper, who hates killing, and a gentleman of a terrorist must convince the man to join them and strike into the heart of the dastardly federation to recover their lost homeland.

Author : David Williams

David J. Williams comes from a family with strong traditions in military and aviation. These traditions, along with his experiences in the outdoors and in the air, formed the foundation of this novel. When not hunting or fishing, he participates in debate team and soccer. Dramatic productions get squeezed in there too. He enjoys comedies most of all. In winter, David is an avid snowmachiner and skier. He lives in Eagle River, Alaska.

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