The Matter of the Deserted Airliner

The Matter of the Deserted Airliner

Subtitle : Alaska Disappearing Crew and Passengers Caper
Author : Steve Levi
ISBN No. : 9781594336911


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Book : The Matter of the Deserted Airliner

ISBN Number : 9781594336911
Book Name : The Matter of the Deserted Airliner (Alaska Disappearing Crew and Passengers Caper)
Book Pages : 210
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.72

Unicorn Airlines Flight 739 with no pilot, no crew, and no passengers lands at Anchorage International Airport. As the authorities are wondering what happened, a ransom demand is made for the passengers: $25 million in diamonds. Chief of Detectives for the Sandersonville, North Carolina, Police Department, Captain Heinz Noonan, is visiting his in-laws in Anchorage when he is called onto the case. He has 36 hours to determine how crew and passengers disappeared off Unicorn Airlines Flight 739 before the $25 million in diamonds is paid to the extortionists. But can he solve what appears to be an impossible crime, free the hostages, arrest the perpetrators, and resolve The Matter of the Deserted Airliner before the ransom is paid?

Author : Steve Levi

Author Tag Line : Master Of The Impossible Crime

Steve Levi: Master Of The Impossible Crime, an Alaskan historian, writer, and 40-year resident of Anchorage, has authored more than 80 books. His nonfiction books on Alaska history include Boom or Bust in the Alaska Gold Fields: an historical forensic investigation into the sinking of Alaska's ghost ship, the Clara Nevada and Walrus With A Gold Tooth: Crime in Anchorage, Alaska, the Pioneer Way, Unorganized! He also researched and wrote a history of Alaska's bush pilot heritage, Cowboys of the Sky. Levi's books, both fiction and nonfiction, are readable, understandable, and educational. The Matter of the Deserted Airliner, a novel set in America's last frontier city of Anchorage, Alaska, is second in the impossible crimes series solved by Chief of Detectives Heinz Noonan.

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