The Ultimate Hunt
The Ultimate Hunt

The Ultimate Hunt

Subtitle : A Kodiak, Alaska Wilderness Mystery Novel
Author : Robin Barefield
ISBN No. : 9781637473931



Book : The Ultimate Hunt

ISBN Number : 9781637473931
Book Name : The Ultimate Hunt (A Kodiak, Alaska Wilderness Mystery Novel)
Book Pages : 306
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 1.03

When the daughter of a US senator disappears from the center of Kodiak, Alaska, in the middle of the day, FBI agent Nick Morgan arrives to assist police detective Maureen Horner and Alaska State Trooper Dan Patterson with the investigation. Soon, the officers realize that other young people have vanished from the area as well, and they can find no evidence or eyewitnesses to explain the disappearances. Meanwhile, bored pilot Steve Larson spends his evenings sitting on the back deck of his floatplane air charter service while he recovers from a debilitating illness. He watches a plane land after dark and sees two men escort a seemingly incapacitated woman to the plane and push her into the rear seat. When the same thing happens a few days later, Steve wonders if he’s imagining things or if these men are kidnapping people. He calls marine biologist and amateur detective Jane Marcus and asks her to sit with him the next time the plane arrives. Jane agrees with Steve: these men are drugging and transporting people against their will. But where are they taking them, and why? Jane’s curiosity leads her into a nightmare worse than anything she could imagine. As law enforcement officers work to find who’s behind the kidnappings and where the abductors have taken the victims, Jane fights to survive the monsters chasing her in the ultimate hunt.

Author : Robin Barefield

Author Tag Line : Alaska Wilderness Mystery Author

Robin Barefield lives in the wilderness on Kodiak Island, where she and her husband own a remote lodge. She has published five previous novels—Big Game, Murder Over Kodiak, The Fisherman's Daughter, Karluk Bones, and Massacre at Bear Creek Lodge—and two nonfiction books: Kodiak Island Wildlife and Murder and Mystery in the Last Frontier. Robin also writes a monthly true-crime newsletter about murder and mystery in Alaska. Robin invites you to join her at her website ( and sign up for her newsletter. Robin also narrates a true-crime podcast, Murder and Mystery in the Last Frontier. You can find it at


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