Uncharted Country, Uncertain Future

Uncharted Country, Uncertain Future

Subtitle : News Channel Superstar to International Virus Fighter
Author : Carl Douglass
Series : Sybil Norcroft Book Two
ISBN No. : 9781594334702


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Book : Uncharted Country, Uncertain Future

ISBN Number : 9781594334702
Book Name : Uncharted Country, Uncertain Future (News Channel Superstar to International Virus Fighter)
Book Series : Sybil Norcroft Book Two
Book Pages : 122
Book Size : 5.06 X 7.81
Book Weight : 0.32

Sybil Norcroft, M.D., Ph.D, F.A.C.S. leaves California under a cloud. She has been found innocent of a murder charge there but cannot be certain that she will succeed in her new profession as a Wolf News Medical Consultant. The health news story of the century falls into her lap, and the novice commentator runs with the story of weaponized Marburg virus, murdered pygmy slaves, and a world-wide manhunt for the perpetrators. Sybil succeeds beyond anyone’s prediction, gains a new daughter in the Congo, and a host of serious friends and enemies who will be part of the rest of her life. She becomes a media darling and an accidental CIA operative. Sybil has to learn like never before how to keep secrets in the new and uncharted country where she now lives.

Author : Carl Douglass

Author Tag Line : Neurosurgeon Turned Author Writes With Gripping Realism

Carl Douglass, Neurosurgeon turned Author, writes with gripping realism stemming from his experience as a practicing neurosurgeon. He was reared in a small mountain town in the west, made it into a major university almost as a fluke, and entered into competition with some of the best talents and brains in the country. He knows the emotional impact of being a defendant in a malpractice case and the strategies needed to win. The Sybil series is a product of his imagination, butit has a generous dollop of practical reality woven into it. Douglass lives with his wife of fifty years in the quiet enjoyment of their mountain home.

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