Worthy of Death

Worthy of Death

Author : Rich Ritter
ISBN No. : 9781594339349



Book : Worthy of Death

ISBN Number : 9781594339349
Book Name : Worthy of Death

An unspeakable evil committed at the conclusion of Gathering of the Clans ignites a firestorm of unforeseen consequences. Joniah has forgiven Joshua Hotah for his “unexpected act of kindness,” but the rifle shot attracts unwanted attention. After orchestrating the murder of an innocent family, a creeping edge of remorse invites Csongor Toth to consider the possibility of a conscience. Deeply in love with Nadia, Roshan Kuznetsov believes his abject poverty will lead to rejection. Manfred Herrmann has confessed his darkest secret to Alexandra Smythe, but does not yet appreciate the peril of her unspoken secret. Tseng Longwei has finally achieved \“glorious poverty and splendid deprivation,\” but his epiphany fails to release him from the shame of cowardice. Nearly tempted into a life of prostitution, the youthful Priscilla Kimball must now survive a menacing confrontation with an accused murderer. And what of Gordania Sinclair, the remarkable heroine of this trilogy: will she escape the labyrinth created by her alter ego? Read on to experience the glorious finale of Nor Things to Come.

Author : Rich Ritter

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