Have You Written The Best Cook Book Ever?

Have You Written The Best Cook Book Ever?

Have You Written The Best Cook Book Ever?

Posted on 02/01/2013 Evan Swensen

In the 34 years we’ve been book publishing, we’ve published only three cook books total, with two in our active catalog. Most publishers attract cook books of all kinds, so we’re not sure why we haven’t been approached with more cook book manuscripts. We know they’re out there somewhere!

So if you have written the best cook book ever, kindly keep us in mind. We’d be happy to look at the manuscript. And feel free to send along some cookies or brownies so we can taste-test.

You Put What in my Dessert? by Alicia Loveland

After judging a World Federation of Competitive Eaters cabbage-eating contest in Palmer, Alaska a few years ago, Alicia decided You Put What In My Dessert? needed to be written. She felt sorry for contestants eating plates of plain, boiled cabbage. “I wish I could have spiced it up for them with a little caraway seed, dill, mint, mustard seed, savory, or tarragon. And topped it off with a piece of Cabbage Hooch Cake.”

Cabbage is a cancer inhibitor, loaded with vitamin C, only 11 calories per serving, and can enhance almost any recipe. It can be fried, boiled, baked, frozen, canned, or dried, and then ground in a food mill and used to thicken soup. Making sauerkraut is an added bonus because it is ready to use. More than 2,000 years ago laborers building the Great Wall of China pickled cabbage in wine to supplement their diet. Genghis Khan took it back to fortify his Tartars as they plundered their way through Europe. Captain Cook carried sauerkraut on his ships to ward off scurvy. But you don’t have to plunder Europe to enjoy the many faces of cabbage. Just enjoy reading this cook book and history of the homely cabbage. And give the Cabbage Hooch Cake recipe a try.

Diesel Dining: The Art of Manifold Cooking by Kathleen Szalay and Cecil Jorgensen

Yes, you too can cook healthy, satisfying hot meals on your truck’s manifold! Amaze your friends and save thousands of dollars by avoiding fast food when you travel with your family. It also includes tips, tricks, stories, and trucking folklore. If you’re a long haul trucker, and you want a hot, meat and potatoes dinner at the end of your day’s drive, then Diesel Dining is the one and only cookbook you’ll ever need. Guaranteed to soon be dog-eared and stained with a variety of sauces, as it sits within easy reach by your interstate maps and daily logbook.  It’s the best cook book for road trips.

With or without baked goods, we’ll give your manuscript a close look, and let you know of our publishing decision within one month. Please submit by email, or send us a hard copy with self-addressed stamped return envelope or box, as needed.

Keep in touch.

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