Prince Ali

Prince Ali

Prince Ali

Posted on 01/16/2023 Evan Swensen
Prince Ali

Prince Ali is the creation of Author Mastermind, Victoria Hardesty, Author of Action and Adventure with Arabian Horses. With her writing companion, Nancy Perez brought the world an Arabian Horse Novel series with a message.


Nancy passed away more than a year ago. She had been sick for a long time, and her writing assistance began diminishing as she battled her illness after their first book, Prince Ali. Her contribution waned until Victoria was writing books herself. Although Victoria has kept Nancy’s name on the cover, I suspect the next book in the series will only show Victoria’s name as the author.


I’ve often said, “the author who wrote the second book is not the same author who wrote the first book.” But, of course, authors know what I’m talking about—they’ve been there, done that. 


This happened with Nancy and Victoria. After publishing each new book, they realized they had become better writers. When first written, Prince Ali “was just about perfect.” However, Before Raven’s release, the author duo turned their attention to updating Prince Ali. Nancy helped Victoria decide to rewrite Prince Ali but was unable to assist—Victoria did all the rewriting and updating.


Prince Ali’s second edition is a much better and bigger book. Even the page count increased by 56 pages. In addition to more pages, the writing is much improved, making it a better read. Readers of both editions quickly recognize that the book was written by an Author Mastermind and isn’t the work of a first-time author.


You can view the short video we created:


You can find Prince Ali’s second edition:


Like all Author Masterminds, Victoria’s approachable. You can communicate with her by email:

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