A Day To Remember

A Day To Remember

Author : Charlene Townsend
ISBN No. : 9781594338106



Book : A Day To Remember

ISBN Number : 9781594338106
Book Name : A Day To Remember

A Day to Remember is a humorous, action pact story about a squirrel named Merle, a skunk named Hunk, and a bunny named Sonny. Join them on an adventure as they explore the mysterious caverns inside the mountain they live on. See how they all end up pink, which legend gives them honor, and why they need help from their beaver friends. Meet Evan, Luke, and Walter and some of the other woodland characters. Find out who saves them during the biggest storm in history, and who wrestles with them in the mud. See what Merle uses to make a squirrel hammock, why they don’t like soda pop, and where the little purple foot prints came from. Clair the bear, and her cubs Hub and Bub add to the fun when they discover a tote of toys. There is also remote-control mayhem, and robot retaliation making it a day to remember.

Author : Charlene Townsend

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