Alaska Bush Cop 2

Alaska Bush Cop 2

Subtitle : And the Beat Goes On
Author : Andy Anderson
ISBN No. : 9781594339592



Book : Alaska Bush Cop 2

ISBN Number : 9781594339592
Book Name : Alaska Bush Cop 2 (And the Beat Goes On)

Alaska Bush Cop: And the Beat Goes On is the second of a four-book series, outlining my nearly 32-year career as police chief of a small Alaska bush community. I was hired off the street, with no previous experience, and was asked to single-handedly police a community of nearly 800 people. The position turned into a career of nearly 32 years, setting a record for the longest serving chief of police in Alaska history. In my first book, Alaska Bush Cop: The Beginning, I took you through my first few years of learning be a cop. I outlined many of the stumbling blocks which accompanied me, and I acquainted you with the many police officers and dispatchers, who played a vital role in my being successful. You will be surprised by the number of different criminal activities, which took place in our small community. All the stories in Alaska Bush Cop are factual, and they took place in and around, Seldovia, Alaska.

Author : Andy Anderson

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