Back of the Pack

Back of the Pack

Subtitle : An Iditarod Rookie Musher's Alaska Pilgrimage to Nome
Author : Don Bowers
ISBN No. : 9781888125245


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Book : Back of the Pack

ISBN Number : 9781888125245
Book Name : Back of the Pack (An Iditarod Rookie Musher's Alaska Pilgrimage to Nome)
Book Pages : 400
Book Size : 6 x 9
Book Weight : 1.16

Once infected with the mushing virus, there is no cure — there is only the trail Don Bowers learned the truth of these words as he lived his dream of running Alaska’s grueling 1,100-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. With no mushing experience and little money, but with a spirit of adventure and support from friends, he started from scratch to put together a team. Over the next two years, he discovered that becoming a serious musher is not to be undertaken by the faint of heart, or by those who cannot learn to laugh at themselves and keep going in the face of daunting difficulties and dangers. By the time he eventually pulled under the famous burled arch at the end of Front Street in Nome, his perspective on life had been changed forever by his dogs and by the staggering scope and intensity of the Iditarod. This is Everyman’s Iditarod, a tribute to the dedicated dreamers and their dogs who run to Nome in back of the pack with no hope of prize money or glory. This is truly the rest of the story” of the Last Great Race on Earth.”

Author : Don Bowers

Don Bowers lives at Montana Creek, Alaska, in a cabin he built himself. Born in 1948 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Don is an Air Force Academy graduate with masters degrees from the Air Force Institute of Technology and Alaska Pacific University. For most of his Air Force career he was a C-130 Hercules transport pilot, flying Hurricane Hunters in the Caribbean and Spectre gunships in Southeast Asia as well as ?trash haulers? all over Alaska. Don arrived on the Last Frontier in 1975 and became involved with the Iditarod as a member of the volunteer Iditarod Air Force. Upon retirement from the ?real? Air Force, Don set about to run the Iditarod with his own team, even though he had virtually no experience as a musher. He is a certified elementary teacher as well as a commercial pilot in Talkeetna during summer. Don is the author of Alaska Airmen's Logbook for Alaska, Northwest Canada, and Russia, published by the Alaska Airmen's Association.

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