Bad Boys of the Book of Mormon

Bad Boys of the Book of Mormon

Subtitle : And What They Teach Us
Author : David Powell
ISBN No. : 9781888125481


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Book : Bad Boys of the Book of Mormon

ISBN Number : 9781888125481
Book Name : Bad Boys of the Book of Mormon (And What They Teach Us)
Book Pages : 128
Book Size : 5 X 8.5
Book Weight : 0.42

David Powell, through impeccable research and creativity, waves a tapestry of temptation using the bad guys in the Book of Mormon. Political unrest, government corruption, assassinations, bloody wars, moral decay, pride, greed, and unspeakable evil, all are revealed within, showing clearly how the Book of Mormon is indeed a work for us in the latter days. David makes it possible for anyone to understand what is in store for those who decide or allow themselves to be a bad boy (or girl) in these times. Bad Boys of the Book of Mormon is a must for Seminary students and teachers, Institute students and teachers, Sunday School students and teachers, and anyone else who is seeking truth. Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.” (Alma 30:8) This book makes clear, with great originality and ingenuity, what happens to those who choose evil. You will find it interesting, informative and intriguing. “

Author : David Powell

David Swensen Powell is a favorite speaker to youth and has been featured speaker in many youth firesides and Stake Sacrament Meetings. He served a mission among the Lamanites in Peru. While obtaining his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University, David taught at the MTC in Provo. Following his marriage to Gaylene Hill, in the Oakland Temple, he obtained his Master's of Science Degree in Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management from the University of Hartford. David has taught early morning Seminary, served on the High Counsel, was a Bishop and currently serves as Stake Young Men's President. David and Gaylene reside in Draper, Utah where he works as a Vice President of Human Resources at a SLC software company. David and Gaylene are the parents of four boys, two girls, and have one grandchild.

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