Boats of Alaska

Boats of Alaska

Subtitle : An Artist's Guide to Commercial Fishing Boats
Author : Pedro Denton
ISBN No. : 9781888125283


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Book : Boats of Alaska

ISBN Number : 9781888125283
Book Name : Boats of Alaska (An Artist's Guide to Commercial Fishing Boats)
Book Pages : 80
Book Size : 9 x 12
Book Weight : 0.72

Boats of Alaska: An Artist’s Guide to Alaska’s Commercial Fishing Boats is a book for all lovers of the sea, from the novice who wanders the docks and marinas of Alaska and are curious about the boats they see, to the experienced old seaman who’s memory is renewed by looking at the paintings and sketches. By reading, and using, Boats of Alaska, you can gain a basic knowledge of fishing activities along Alaska’s coast. Unlike most boat books, the paintings in this book show boats at work in their natural environment. Pedro’s 29 paintings, over 40 sketches, and indexes, coupled with a sprinkling of sea stories, give a vivid glance at the romance of commercial fishing in Alaska.

Author : Pedro Denton


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