Book of Masks

Book of Masks

Subtitle : More than just a mask and more than just a story.
Author : Shade Jalo
ISBN No. : 9781594331312


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Book : Book of Masks

ISBN Number : 9781594331312
Book Name : Book of Masks (More than just a mask and more than just a story.)
Book Pages : 64
Book Size : 5 X 8
Book Weight : 0.18

Many books have one story, one journey. For Book of Masks, however, not everything is as it seems. Though this is one book, there are five stories, five different journeys. Alex is a misunderstood kid, but so is Will, Brian, Hunter, and Danny. Each of them must find solutions to their issues and do so both through personal action and through the help of some mystical characters, including Father Christmas. With faith and magic, these kids will see beyond the darkness of their own pain and beyond their masks into the world around them. Whether you relate to the misunderstood, the misunderstanding, or the guiding friends of these stories; perhaps this book will help you to look beyond the masks. Not everything is black and white, good and evil. Sometimes there are shades of gray. Sometimes there is more than just a mask and more than just a story.

Author : Shade Jalo

Shade Jalo has been writing since third grade and working with kids since eleventh grade. It is't too uncommon to see him carrying around his pen and notebook ready to jot down a new idea whenever it so happens to hit. His greatest inspirations are the kids he works with on a daily basis. He has worked with St. Clair Missouri School District, Anchorage School District, Anchorage YMCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Riverside Community Church. His experience includes working at Anchorage YMCA's resident camp Peggy Lake, which serves as the inspiration for Book of Masks.

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