Bush Pilot’s Wives

Bush Pilot’s Wives

Subtitle : Dedicated to the bush pilot's wives
Author : Lenora Conkle
ISBN No. : 9781888125771


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Book : Bush Pilot’s Wives

ISBN Number : 9781888125771
Book Name : Bush Pilot’s Wives (Dedicated to the bush pilot's wives)
Book Pages : 224
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 0.68

This book is dedicated to the bush pilot’s wives. Women were part of the exciting bush flying. Women worked alongside their men and endured the same hardships. They laughed, loved, and gave birth to new generations. Some were of an era in Alaska when those early bush pilots were making legends. Some were pilots and big game guides themselves and made legends of there own. Bush Pilots’ Wives is about real Alaskans and the qualities of those sturdy women, as well as the men, who have made Alaska what it is today. Just as it has been down through the ages, women wait at home doing what has to be done when their men are gone to war or to other places men go to protect and provide for their family. Sometimes that home is a remote village, Nome, Bettles, or some such place. Wherever it is, the bush pilot’s wife copes with all types of inconveniences, raising the kids without indoor plumbing and modern conveniences, and overcoming the additional emergencies that always happen. Bush Pilots’ Wives is for and about these special Alaskans.

Author : Lenora Conkle

At 89, LeNora Conkle still does 30 minutes of aerobic exercises every morning and walks at least a mile each afternoon. She corresponds with many of their hunters and other Alaska guides and visits others each year. She's active in developing guaranteed access rights for Alaskans across national park lands, active in the local Republican party, and has served as a delegate to the Alaska Outdoor Council. She has been an active member of Slana Alaskans Unit for many years. There are always friends, family, and strangers dropping in to visit and listen to her stories over a piece of homemade rhubarb or blueberry pie. She's written five books, spends her winters visiting family and friends in Alaska and all over the Lower 48, and has toured Israel, South Africa, and the Grand Cayman Islands! LeNora says ?There's too much to do to sit around and get old.?

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