Cheechako Sunrise, Sourdough Sunset

Cheechako Sunrise, Sourdough Sunset

Subtitle : Homesteading in Alaska shapes the lives of two small-town kids from Wisconsin
Author : Don & Lanna Langdok
ISBN No. : 9781594333491


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Book : Cheechako Sunrise, Sourdough Sunset

ISBN Number : 9781594333491
Book Name : Cheechako Sunrise, Sourdough Sunset (Homesteading in Alaska shapes the lives of two small-town kids from Wisconsin)
Book Pages : 448
Book Size : 6 x 9
Book Weight : 1.4

The Langdok’s move to Anchorage, Alaska in 1969 was a daring and gutsy decision on the part of this young Wisconsin couple with a two-year-old baby daughter. It wasn’t long before exciting and unexpected challenges started to shape and mold their character; from finding a dead body, dealing with airplane crashes and police department murders to ?homesteading’ in a log cabin with no electricity or water! A second baby girl joined the family and together they enjoyed the summer camping and fishing surrounded in breathtaking scenery, autumn horseback rides throughout the beautiful Chugach Mountains and winter snowmachining and skiing in a frosty, cold landscape. They learned to live off the land raising delicious vegetables under the midnight sun, smoking fresh-caught salmon for the larder and filling their freezer with moose and caribou. It was a good and rewarding life! Together with their children, Don and Lanna established lifelong friendships while making Alaska their home. This is their true story…

Author : Don & Lanna Langdok

The Langdoks have been blessed having lived in Alaska! Early years found them embarking on a journey to the Last Frontier and on a journey of discovery, not only of the State itself, but of their personal growth and binding love for each other. Faced with incredible circumstances, together they overcame the challenges before them. As their family grew, so did the cherished memories and friendships that will always remain with them. Alaska bestowed Her free spirit upon them, strengthened their character and gave them lasting self-reliance. In return, their hearts were filled with love and gratitude for the State that became their home. Alaska will always be a part of them. Today, Don continues to hunt and fish, a ?lifeblood' for his well-being and Lanna's passion for writing and cross-country skiing ?warms' her inner soul. They share a life of love together?a love that spans forever.

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