Coho Waterboy

Coho Waterboy

Subtitle : The Flat-Footed, web-Footed Alaska Sled Dog
Author : Marianne Schlegelmilch
ISBN No. : 9781594330988


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Book : Coho Waterboy

ISBN Number : 9781594330988
Book Name : Coho Waterboy (The Flat-Footed, web-Footed Alaska Sled Dog)
Book Pages : 48
Book Size : 8.5 x 11
Book Weight : 0.4

Retired from racing, Solo is elated to find himself back at the kennel where his adventures as an Iditarod sled dog began. Prepared to settle into a quiet life of comfort and retirement, his plans are quickly thwarted when he meets a young dog, named Coho, who reminds him of himself as a pup. Solo watches as Coho, alone without a family much like he was at the same age, embraces life with all the fervor of a champion. With more than a few challenges along the way, including the oversight of an elitist cat and Coho’s own difficulties with flat feet, the old dog and the young pup form a friendship that will take their lives in a direction that neither would have expected. Coho Waterboy,the sequel to Solo Flite, will fill children, their parents, and their grandparents with all the adventure of Solo Flite and all the warmth their hearts can hold.

Author : Marianne Schlegelmilch

Author Tag Line : One of America's Most gifted Writers

Marianne Schlegelmilch is a retired Registered Nurse turned author. Her first book, the children's book Solo Flite, was a fund raiser for the Blood Bank of Alaska. Her second book, Raven's Light, is a modern Alaska legend. Coho Waterboy, the long-awaited sequel to Solo Flite, is the story of another young pup that finds himself cast into the world of the famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog race. Coho Waterboy, Marianne's second children's book, is written in the same heart warming style as the original story. Her hope is that Coho Waterboy will be the perfect follow-up that will, as one reader told her, ?bring a tear to a glass eye.?

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