Cold Climate Clips

Cold Climate Clips

Subtitle : An Alaskan Traveling Trainer's Essays, Observations, Anecdotes, and Childhood Stories
Author : Sharon Lattery
ISBN No. : 9781594332401


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Book : Cold Climate Clips

ISBN Number : 9781594332401
Book Name : Cold Climate Clips (An Alaskan Traveling Trainer's Essays, Observations, Anecdotes, and Childhood Stories)
Book Pages : 160
Book Size : 5.5X8.5
Book Weight : 0.52

Cold Climate Clips is a book for folks who are keen on adventure; appreciate diversity, travel and enjoy humor! Readers will gain a valuable vision of Alaska’s rural villages and small communities through the eyes of a person infatuated with her job and the people she worked with for more than 30 years. The stories in Cold Climate Clips take place prior to the technology we have today?before an issue could be settled with a facsimile, email or a call on a cellular phone. Enjoy the humorous and joyful adventures of the author’s childhood as a precocious girl, growing up free in small, but busy Skagway. Alaska during the 40s and 50s. Cold Climate Clips is an adventure book. Be prepared for more than a chuckle! From beginning to end Cold Climate Clips speaks to the reader about a woman who worked affably and good naturedly with a blend of people and learned her best social skills growing up in small town Skagway, Alaska! It demonstrates strongly her love of Alaska and its people.

Author : Sharon Lattery

Sharon Lattery was born soon after the beginning of World War II. She moved to Skagway, Alaska, with her mother Rex, prior to the end of the War. She holds the honor of being Alaska's first Child Development Associate and completed requirements for a B.A. in Human Development through a Master's Able Program at Pacific Oaks College. She was extremely active in numerous councils, associations, conferences and committees during her 30-year career. Cold Climate Clips is Sharon's first book; however, she has been surrounded by literary luster through her husband, Dennis, an author and poet, and her daughter, Denise Trutanic, a writer and editor. Seldom able to spend much time recreating prior to her retirement in 2001, she currently enjoys renovating her summer place in beautiful Seldovia, Alaska. She collects sea glass, unusual cookbooks, fishes, recreates and has experienced a late life interest in painting on large canvases in bold colors.

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