Crossing Shelikof

Crossing Shelikof

Subtitle : Alaska Adventure - By Land, Air, and Sea
Author : Marali Sargent-Smith
ISBN No. : 9781637470251



Book : Crossing Shelikof

ISBN Number : 9781637470251
Book Name : Crossing Shelikof (Alaska Adventure - By Land, Air, and Sea)

Alaskan artist Loren’s life explodes into a fight for survival after she and her Aleut realtor friend Belle helicopter to a remote lodge for sale on the Alaska Peninsula. A bomb detonated by drug runners blows them into a fiord where Loren and Belle, injured and alone, must rely on wilderness skills to escape the ocean, claw through forests along rugged mountains, evade Kodiak brown bears, and fend off wolves as they battle to stay alive. Desperate to get home, the pair take refuge in a cave only to discover it’s an active missile site traded to Russia by someone in the US government. The final battle takes place in the legendary Shelikof Strait. Experiencing the beauty and unpredictability of wild Alaska, being pulled into the lives of two resourceful young women and a chopper pilot who refuse to give up, makes for an entertaining adventure story that delivers.

Author : Marali Sargent-Smith

Marali Sargent-Smith grew up along the shores of Bristol Bay, Alaska, commercial fishing and living off the land with her enterprising missionary parents and seven siblings. After school and travels she settled in Homer with her husband, where she raised four sons, numerous puppies, and assorted farm animals. She is a professional artist specializing in painting and stained glass and enjoys teaching classes from her studio near Soldotna, Alaska. Encouraged to write, she crafted this novel, a colorful adventure loosely based on her Alaskan life and experiences.

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