Double Binds

Double Binds

Subtitle : Finding the Soft Spot Between the Rock and the Hard Place
Author : Cary Shelton
ISBN No. : 9781888125665


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Book : Double Binds

ISBN Number : 9781888125665
Book Name : Double Binds (Finding the Soft Spot Between the Rock and the Hard Place)
Book Pages : 128
Book Size : 5 X 8.5
Book Weight : 0.42

Have you ever had a spouse listen” to you as he reads the paper? Has a friend ever said she loves you and then proceeded to patronize you? Have you ever felt that no matter what you do you will do the wrong thing? Such dilemmas occur all too frequently and can result in much pain and suffering. Double binds: Finding the Soft Spot Between the Rock and the Hard Place will help you understand how and why such situations take place. This book will help you learn how to avoid some of these quandaries and how to limit your contribution to others’ dilemmas. It will also suggest ways to minimize the damage double binds can cause and recognize how they can ultimately be beneficial.”

Author : Cary Shelton

Cary Shelton has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interpersonal Communication from Idaho State University and a Master of Social Work Degree from Brigham Young University. He is employed as an adoption worker and therapist for LDS Family Services. He and his wife Julianne live with their three children in St. Louis, Missouri.

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