Drawing Alaska’s Wildlife
Drawing Alaska’s Wildlife

Drawing Alaska’s Wildlife

Subtitle : Artist's Reference & Instructional Guide
Author : Doug Lindstrand
ISBN No. : 9781637473900



Book : Drawing Alaska’s Wildlife

ISBN Number : 9781637473900
Book Name : Drawing Alaska’s Wildlife (Artist's Reference & Instructional Guide)
Book Pages : 224
Book Size : 8.5 x 11
Book Weight : 1.6

Drawing Alaska’s Wildlife is designed for reference and instructional use by artists and people interested in Alaska’s wildlife. Doug Lindstrand, known for the accuracy of his illustrations, has programmed this book to help give guidance to those who also have this desire. The book contains photos and illustrations of a wide variety of Alaska’s most popular birds and mammals. He has designed it to show these animals in various poses and seasons, all information needed and desired by those who want to “know” the animal better. Added text by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game will also give much-needed information. Drawing Alaska’s Wildlife contains hundreds of color photographs and illustrations. Although there are hundreds of different birds and mammals to choose from, Lindstrand has concentrated his choices to the animals that are not only the most popular but also those that are artist’s favorites. Animals such as bears, sheep, moose, wolves, eagles, and puffins are certainly well represented. Throughout Drawing Alaska’s Wildlife, there are tips and instructions that Lindstrand has used and developed over the years, helpful things that will certainly be useful to others. His wish is that some of his suggestions on “how I do what I do” to make a lifetime career as a wildlife artist and photographer will be helpful to those who also have this same interest and passion.

Author : Doug Lindstrand

Doug Lindstrand, a well-regarded Alaskan artist and photographer, has shared his artistic talents with the people of the Last Frontier for more than 50 years. His many years of living in the Alaska wilderness and studying its wild animals closely have brought authenticity to his work by capturing the honest essence of Alaska as well as the spirit of its people. His wildlife and nature books, art prints, and illustrations have elevated him to one of Alaska's favorite artists Originally from Minnesota, Lindstrand moved to Alaska in 1970 after his tour in Vietnam and finishing college, where his emphasis was on Fine Arts and Biology. He knew, even as a young child, that he wanted a career where he could work closely with animals. Naturally, Alaska captured his heart and claimed him as one of theirs. Lindstrand's contributions to education and art are significant. His books serve as guides and instruction for young and old aspiring artists. His notes, writings, and diaries offer amusing and charming insights about the wild Alaska he loves. ¶¶


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