Drift In Your Pillow’s Eyes

Drift In Your Pillow’s Eyes

Subtitle : William's Great Alaska Adventure
Author : Dale Wilderness
ISBN No. : 9781594331558


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Book : Drift In Your Pillow’s Eyes

ISBN Number : 9781594331558
Book Name : Drift In Your Pillow’s Eyes (William's Great Alaska Adventure)
Book Pages : 32
Book Size : 8.50 x 7
Book Weight : 0.25

William takes on the great Alaska outdoors in several dreams the night before his big trip. William and his mother will hike Lazy Mountain the next morning. As he goes to sleep his excitement cannot be contained. William’s imagination gets the best of him as his dreams take him all over the state of Alaska. He finds himself on the North Slope down to Prince William Sound and just about everywhere in between. Along his adventures William spends time with a few animals found in Alaska. This fun loving heartfelt story of a mother and her son preparing a hike on Lazy Mountain will have you laughing, crying and anticipating Williams next dream. Don’t miss this adventure; you’ll feel like you’re in Alaska’s Great Outdoors

Author : Dale Wilderness

Dale Wilderness grew up with a great sense of adventure which led him to traveling the world. He has grown to love Alaska and has enjoyed the great out of doors. Having climbed Lazy Mountain many times he has a great respect and understanding of nature and the beauty it brings to all of us. Dale's wife Jennifer and their eighth child William who passed away in 2005 have been the inspiration for this wonderful book about nature and a child's imagination.

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