Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Author : Zac Paup
ISBN No. : 9781594338588



Book : Event Horizon

ISBN Number : 9781594338588
Book Name : Event Horizon

Dr. Owen Miller, pushing for an unmanned space mission NASA is not inclined to support, travels to India where he meets Manu Sharma, who seems to be the right solution. Together, they work toward sending a new electric unmanned vehicle to probe an unknown space body, hovering over a black hole near the sun. When Owen suddenly disappears, Manu is left alone to prepare the world for a dystopian future. Ben and his father Philip have been kidnapped by Manu and placed in an underground bunker. In the midst of introspection, futuristic technology, and social commentary, they become aware of a new society filling up the bunker. Asha, a mysterious girl who has known Owen since she was a child, enters the bunker and changes everything. Will Manu be able to save the world? Who are Phil, Ben, and Asha? And why are they important? To find out, navigate through the most realistic Sci-Fi ever, that has plausible futuristic technologies, a huge premise and a philosophical AI that spits slam poetry.

Author : Zac Paup

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