Forgiving Rose

Forgiving Rose

Subtitle : An Alaska Novel of Mystery, Friendship, and Romance
Author : Janet Mc Cart
ISBN No. : 9781888125313


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Book : Forgiving Rose

ISBN Number : 9781888125313
Book Name : Forgiving Rose (An Alaska Novel of Mystery, Friendship, and Romance)
Book Pages : 224
Book Size : 6 x 9
Book Weight : 0.7

The many-faceted nature of friendship among a group of forty-something” women is revealed in all its glory and tackiness when the one who struck it rich drowns in her hot tub in Anchorage, Alaska. Forgiving Rose is a novel of mystery, friendship, and romance. Surprising circumstance surrounding the death of a manipulative but endearing friend brings seven women back to Alaska for her funeral, and a most uncommon wake. As old friends reunite, gossip, and relive old times, they find each of them has mixed feelings about their deceased friend, Rose. Details about Rose’s hot tub death are revealed as these women connect with the deceased’s boyfriend, ex-husband, and stepson. Friendships are tested as ironies unfold, unlikely romances strike — and extravagant surprises await them. When longtime friends hold a wake for Rose, they find that remembering her is easy, but forgiving Rose takes almost more than they can give.”

Author : Janet Mc Cart

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