Globalization or Democracy
Globalization or Democracy

Globalization or Democracy

Subtitle : You Can Have Globalism or Democracy, But You Cannot Have Both
Author : Clancy Hughes
ISBN No. : 9781637474037
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Book : Globalization or Democracy

ISBN Number : 9781637474037
Book Name : Globalization or Democracy (You Can Have Globalism or Democracy, But You Cannot Have Both)
Book Pages : 186
Book Size : 5.06 x 7.81
Book Weight : 0.7

When we think of Globalization, the mind conjures a First World-led economic religion of free trade, international banking, and multilateralism that promised to end all wars. Unfortunately, an unelected globalist infrastructure driven by multinational interests promoted the outsourcing and dismantling of US manufacturing and jobs to the benefit, power, and profit of billionaires, multinational corporations, investment banks, And foreign interests. The drain was massive as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) re-wove globalism and capitalism into their own strategy for economic control and expansion. In addition, the West’s own commitment to openness and free markets provided every opportunity for China’s one-sided exploitation of the West. In the evolution of this struggle between Western ideals and CCP exploitation, we come to question the meaning of democracy, citizenship, and the lifeblood of our nation. Globalization or Democracy outlines the elements of our struggle and the stark alternatives that lie ahead.

Author : Clancy Hughes

Clancy Hughes majored in economics at the University of Kansas largely because of the common sense and grassroots philosophy of John Ise, then Chief of the Economics Department. Hughes developed a lasting passion for economics and trade. With the Korean War, however, he enlisted in the Air Force, transferring to the University of Michigan and the study of medicine after the war. Medical practice presented many professional and business challenges. While Hughes chose to pursue medicine, he never lost his fascination with economics; He served as President of the Arapahoe Medical Society and the Colorado Foundation for Medical Care, along with managing three medical clinics and a full-time medical practice. In 1993, Hughes sold his medical clinic, retired, and moved to Alaska. He founded and flew an air charter business there, then retired again to write on business, medicine, and the economy. Clancy, with his wife Diane, lives in Homer, Alaska.

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