Gold in Trib 1
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Gold in Trib 1

Subtitle : Flying, Hiking and Gold Prospecting - Adventure in Wild Present-Day Alaska
Author : Douglas Anderson
ISBN No. : 9781888125115


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Book : Gold in Trib 1

ISBN Number : 9781888125115
Book Name : Gold in Trib 1 (Flying, Hiking and Gold Prospecting - Adventure in Wild Present-Day Alaska)
Book Pages : 192
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 0.72

Gold in Trib 1 is an account of a flying, hiking, and gold prospecting adventure in wild, present-day Alaska. It is the story of the exploits of two good friends and their adventures while prospecting for gold. It is a factual account where possible and where not factual, it is the way they would have liked it. As a result, readers will enjoy the book for what it is, and will not take it so seriously as to dash off with expectations of finding their fortune. There is still much gold in Alaska, but Douglas may have made discovering the Glory Hole, wherever it may be, sound somewhat easier and more financially rewarding than it really was.

Author : Douglas Anderson

Douglas Anderson, born in England, has a spirit for adventure and a willingness to accept a challenge in life. This resulted in his emigration to Canada in 1967, then to Alaska ten years later. Doug soon earned his wings and started enjoying Alaska from a new perspective. Along with his flying he also found himself hiking and gold prospecting in remote parts of the Great Land. These adventures inspired Doug to write Gold in Trib 1 and a sequel, Mystery in Trib 2. Lost in a Foreign Land complements these two books and picks up the mystery thread from the Mystery in Trib 2 and brings it to a fascinating conclusion.

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