Hollers the Dodger
Hollers the Dodger

Hollers the Dodger

Subtitle : The Story of a South African Racehorse
Author : Sharlene Frances
ISBN No. : 9781637474051


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Book : Hollers the Dodger

ISBN Number : 9781637474051
Book Name : Hollers the Dodger (The Story of a South African Racehorse)
Book Pages : 128
Book Size : 5.06 x 7.81
Book Weight : 0.4

Hollers The Dodger is a story that will stay in your heart after reading the last word. He was a racehorse who raced in ‘heaven’ ……. and then in hell. Hollers The Dodger takes you on a journey from the easy life of Cape Town’s elite into the secretive underworld, where life-and-death struggles are the daily norm. This intense, fulfilling read will drag you deep into empty despair and dark desperation and then invite you to feast on the richness of hope and life. Set in the Western Cape – at the most southern tip of Africa, the book gives insight into life rarely seen by the world. Hollers The Dodger is enriched with endearing characters who bring color and light to an otherwise black tale. So, lose yourself for just a while in the mind and heart of this amazing horse as he tells you his extraordinary story.

Author : Sharlene Frances

Sharlene Frances was born and raised in war-torn Zimbabwe, Africa, and then moved to South Africa. She grew up with horses and once rode as a stunt double rider for a British TV series (her claim to fame). She worked in the racing yards in England and South Africa, where she met the most colorful, wonderful, and crazy characters, both horse and human. Sharlene's son was convinced throughout his childhood that his mother had superpowers and she knew exactly what the cat had just said to him. Sharlene Frances started writing during COVID lockdown (others learned to bake bread). She recently immigrated to the US and now lives in beautiful Alaska, where she will tell you, “It is a lot like Africa – only colder."


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