In the Light of the Night

In the Light of the Night

Subtitle : Tales of Alaskans at Work and Play
Author : Janet Boylan
ISBN No. : 9781594330520


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Book : In the Light of the Night

ISBN Number : 9781594330520
Book Name : In the Light of the Night (Tales of Alaskans at Work and Play)
Book Pages : 256
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.9

In the Light of the Night and Dark of the Day: Tales of Alaskans at Work and Play. Suddenly one ski broke through the ice, and the snow machine threw me and landed on its side in about a foot of overflow. Jan Boylan I unzipped my jacket and put my arms around Mick to try to save body heat. Bill Churchill Ashen-faced, the driver rolled down the window and asked, Did you crash? Is everybody alright?” Evan Swensen There was the caribou ghost, covered with snow, following me. Robert J. Cacy …a “white tornado” came ripping through the bog and scattered the boards everywhere, driving two-by-fours through the back of the house. Robert Ferrin Gilmore Our mother was the main hunter in the family, teaching my brothers her many skills. She would hitch up a few dogs to a small sled, dress in her parka, and wolf mukluks, take down her 22rifle or 20 gauge shotgun from the gun rack, and off she’d go for a day of hunting. Rosanna Troseth”

Author : Janet Boylan

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