Kids Are Weird

Kids Are Weird

Subtitle : And other observations from a pediatrician
Author : Erin McArthur
ISBN No. : 9781637471104



Book : Kids Are Weird

ISBN Number : 9781637471104
Book Name : Kids Are Weird (And other observations from a pediatrician)
Book Pages : 100

Have you ever wished kids came with an owner’s manual? Don’t we all? Kids Are Weird strives to provide a quick-start guide to the elusive manual we all crave. You will find practical advice through the ages of childhood and come away with some answers to questions you may have been too embarrassed or sleep-deprived to remember to ask your medical provider. It goes beyond the typical developmental milestones with some insight into children through a lens of a complete being, body, mind, and spirit. Some of the whys kids are the way they are and what to do with them are addressed in this book! All while appreciating the individuality of humans and the fact that parents know their children better than anyone else. A great gift idea for a baby shower to help prepare a new parent for what lies ahead. Well, as prepared as we can be.

Author : Erin McArthur

Erin McArthur, a pediatrician for 20 years, left her practice when her auto-immune genes reacted to stress and viruses in a less-than-ideal way. She did not feel safe to practice clinical medicine, but knew she had more to offer families. Her favorite part of being a pediatrician was helping parents walk out feeling empowered that they would get through another day. Answering the questions of what to expect from a physical and emotional standpoint, why kids may behave the ways they do, and hearing parents say the words “I feel so much better.” Her ability to listen to families and observe children holistically led her to develop practical advice and ways of explaining childhood making parenthood feel manageable between the moments of sheer terror. Dr. McArthur says, “I am excited to share these musings and be a cheerleader for those taking on the most challenging job of raising children.”

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